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Sparse eyebrows, thin lips, can't see to do your eyeliner?

For defined and shapely eyebrows - even when you have none, for a lipstick that stays put and makes your lips fuller and for non-smudge perfect eyeliner, Semi Permanent Make Up is your solution.

All Semi Permanent Make Up procedures are carried out in our Bridgend clinical room by Permanent Beauty Wales founder, Leanne Abraham, click here to learn more about your consultant.

  • Eyeliner, top and bottom, see offer price
  • Pink Lips, see offer price
  • Eyebrows, see offer price
  • Red Lips, see offer price


For decades, Semi Permanent Make Up procedures have been used by celebrities and women in the know to create stunningly beautiful make-up that lasts.

At our clinic in South Wales we aim to create a subtle change that will have your friends guessing your newest beauty secret…


Eyebrows: £399 for initial visit and free top up, OR OFFER PRICE of £149 for initial visit and £49 for top up one month later SAVE £201.

Anyone who requires emphasis of the eyebrows will love this procedure.

If you have no brow hair or sparse brows due to over-plucking, then the difference youthful, balanced brows can make is amazing.

Think of the time you will save, never having to pencil your eyebrows in again.

Once the procedure is completely healed you can swim, play sports or just lie in the sun without the worry of ever losing your brows.

Choose between a soft textured look or hair simulation.

Eye liner or eyelash enhancement: £399 for initial visit and free top up, OR OFFER PRICE of £149 for initial visit and £49 for top up one month later SAVE £201.

Make the most of your eyes with Semi Permanent Make Up.

From subtle to dramatic, eyelash enhancement or eyeliner can dramatically define and pop your eyes, creating great lines that are long lasting and always perfect.

Lip liner or full colour lip enhancement: £399 for initial visit and free top up, OR OFFER PRICE of £149 for initial visit and £49 for top up one month later SAVE £201

Semi Permanent Make-Up is an excellent way of enhancing the shape and colour of your lips.

Your lips will look fuller instantly.

This fabulous procedure can help reduce lipstick bleed and ensure that you have perfect lipliner and lipstick applied at all times.

For a more striking, fuller effect, strong colour and shading can be applied.


The highest quality coloured pigments are implanted into the skin to replicate make up that lasts 24/7, create a beautiful fresh look that lasts all day, every day.

Whether you are 18 or 88, we have a treatment that will not only simplify your make up routine, but will improve your confidence, self esteem and overall look.

Semi permanent make up, like make up, can take years of your appearance.

We aim to create a subtle change that will have your friends guessing your newest beauty secret…

What’s not to like? Talk to Leanne about your procedure today.


High quality pigment is implanted into the dermal layer of the skin using a state-of-the-art machine designed specifically for the cosmetic market.

Please note this treatment is very different to conventional machines and inks used in tattoo clinics.

The treatments typically last for around 18 months and are carried out in accordance with strict health and safety protocols using single use sterile needle cartridges. Your consultant will offer you the very best treatment, which will be both subtle and effective.


  • You must be over 18
  • You cannot be breastfeeding or pregnant
  • You must be well on the day of your procedure

  • If any of the following can be answered yes, you will need to talk through your suitability for treatment with a consultant.

  • Do you have any allergies or have you experienced any allergic reactions to medicine or products (such as latex, plaster, nickel etc)?
  • Do you have or are you having any injectables, fillers or chemical peels?
  • Do you have any imminent holiday plans? i.e. in the next 2 weeks
  • Do you have any keloid scarring?
  • Do you suffer from epilepsy and have had a seizure in the last 2 years?
  • Do you suffer from haemophilia?
  • Do you knowingly have any infectious diseases?
  • Do you knowingly have Hepatitis C?
  • Do you suffer from shingles?
  • Do you suffer from cold sores, fever blisters or skin disorders in the area to be treated?
  • Do you have diabetes?
  • Do you have any respiratory problems?
  • Do you suffer from, or have any problems with wounds healing?
  • Do you take blood thinners or anti inflammatories?
  • Do you take Antabuse?
  • Do you take Roaccutane?
  • Do you have high or low blood pressure?
  • Do you wear contact lenses or suffer from glaucoma?
  • Are you currently taking any medication?
  • Are you 5 weeks pre or post radiotherapy/chemotherapy treatment? (if yes medical consent must be given)
  • Are you allergic to any local anaesthetics?

  • You must attend Permanent Beauty Wales for a patch test prior to treatment, or request a postal test if this is not convenient.
  • If you are taking medications, please bring a list of your medications to your consultation.
  • If you require reading glasses to fill in forms, please remember to bring these to your appointment.
  • I understand that Semi Permanent Make Up is a process with healing variables, therefore healed colour cannot be guaranteed.
  • I understand that SPMU is a multi treatment process with colour being implanted slowly and carefully over a period of time in a layering process.
  • My chosen colour will look much darker when initially implanted but should exfoliate and lighten within 7/14 days.
  • I understand that additional work cannot be undertaken for 4-8 weeks, in order to allow the skin to fully heal.
  • I understand that all colours will fade and alter with time. To keep a fresh appearance, a re-touch procedure will be required every 12-18 months. Fade is dependent on age, skin type, medication, colour chosen and sun exposure.
  • I agree that my consultant will use a Treatment Plan to keep a log of the colours we have chosen, along with my pre and post treatment photographs. This information will be held securely in my confidential file.
  • I understand that after each treatment the treated area may swell or show redness and, in some cases, bruising. My specialist will recommend how to take care of this. I may experience some discomfort but my specialist will reassure me throughout and will endeavour to make me feel comfortable.
  • I understand that if I have an MRI or CAT scan I must tell the radiologist that I have had a SPMU procedure. I may experience a slight tingling in the area treated area.
  • I have been given aftercare instructions and I understand that I must adhere strictly to these instructions.
  • I am aware that any sun exposure, future skin altering procedures, such as plastic surgery, peels implants, and/or injections may alter the appearance of my procedure.
  • My consultant will discuss likely outcomes with me and recommended a treatment plan, prior to any work being agreed and undertaken.
  • We kindly request that 24 hours cancellation notice is given to PBW, to allow the 3 hour appointment time to be re-booked


  • Avoid drinking coffee, taking ibuprofen, asprin (unless medically advised) drinking alcohol the night before your treatment.
  • You will not be able to apply make up for 24 hours after your treatment. We strongly recommend using new products to avoid bacterial contamination.
  • Any tweezing, waxing, facial hair tinting or eyelash curling should be done 48 hours prior to treatment and 1 week post procedure.
  • Please ensure that you have undertaken a patch test at Permanent Beauty Wales prior to your appointment.
  • If you wish to have your eyebrows tinted, please ensure it is done 3 days prior to the appointment.
  • Do not book an appointment within 7 - 10 days of a special event, as you will have scabbing post treatment.
  • Eyeliner: You should not wear eyelash extensions, please remove them before arriving at the clinic. If you wear contact lenses you will need to bring glasses to wear immediately after your treatment.
  • Lipliner: If you are prone to cold sores it is likely you will have an outbreak. Speak to PBW about taking necessary precautions to avoid this from happening.

  • On the day of your treatment:

  • Bring reading glasses and a list of any medications you take:
  • Do not wear make up to your appointment.
  • You must be in good health on the day of your treatment.
  • Please eat before you visit the clinic. This will help with your blood sugar levels.
  • You will be required to fill in consent and treatment forms and have your photograph taken. These will be stored securely by Leanne


  • Ideally you should not visit the gym, sauna, jacuzzi, sunbed or swim for 24 hours.
  • Aftercare is key. If you can, keep the area clean and don’t pick, your procedures will heal quickly and look beautiful.
  • You may notice whiteness or blanching around the area, this is quite normal and will subside in a few hours.
  • Do not allow water to go directly onto the treated area – if it does please blot dry with a clean tissue – do not wipe.
  • The area may still be numb and swollen. Both should subside within 2 days.
  • In some cases there may be bruising. This should last no longer than 1 week. If the area weeps, you can gently blot the area with tissue to remove the moisture. Do not rub.
  • When given aftercare ointment for eyebrows and lip liner procedures use sparingly. Apply 1-3 times a day with clean hands and a clean cotton bud. If your lips feel dry, apply more frequently but do not over use. Over use may affect pigment retention.
  • Do not pick or pull at the area - it may result in infections or pigment loss
  • You should always use sun block on the treated areas to avoid pigmentation fade.
  • Come back for your free top up within 4-12 weeks of your initial treatment.
  • Pigments will always fade in the skin - either to a cool or warm hue depending on your initial colour choice - to ensure the make up stays fresh, a top up every 18 - 24 months is required.

    Heal: As soon as your procedure is finished your body will start to heal. The skin will close and you may see a thin scab which protects the area whilst healing.
    Peel: After a few days the scab will fall away and you will see pigment.
    Fade: You will see a lighter hue of implanted colour. This colour will change over 4/6 weeks, in some cases healed lip colour will not be seen for up to 3 months. In some cases eyeliner can disappear entirely during this phase.


    visit 1 is the ‘base coat”
    visit 2 “perfects”

    Your procedure is not deemed complete until you have had both treatments.
    Your second visit (free top up) can be booked after 4 weeks and before 12 weeks.
    After 12 weeks any treatment is deemed a chargeable top up and you will be charged accordingly.


  • Consider using a waterproof, total sunblock. Sun exposure will fade your procedure and the colour may change.
  • Strong chemical or glycolic/acid peels of any kind may cause pigment to lighten.
  • Keep your procedure looking its best, book a top up procedure 12/18 months following the second visit.

    Giving Blood
    The red cross advise against giving blood for 4 months following your treatment.

    MRI Scan
    Please inform your radiologist that you have had a micro pigmentation procedure. It has been known for pigment to show up on a scan. You may also experience a tingling sensation.

    Do not allow a laser to hit the skin near the pigmented area. You must inform the laser technician who should cover the area as a precaution. Lack of care could turn the pigment to black.

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