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Hair Extensions

Our Luxury Grade 6A, Russian Mongolian hair, fitted by Lucy in Bridgend, South Wales will last up to 9-12 months when cared for correctly

  • 75g £193.50 to include cutting and styling to your specific requirements
  • 75g £193.50 to include cutting and styling to your specific requirements
  • 75g £193.50 to include cutting and styling to your specific requirements
  • 75g £193.50 to include cutting and styling to your specific requirements
  • 75g £193.50 to include cutting and styling to your specific requirements
  • 75g £193.50 to include cutting and styling to your specific requirements


Pre Bonded Hair Extensions are an extremely sought after due to the fact they move just like natural hair. The beauty of applying a strand by strand method like this is that several shades can be alternated in rows, allowing you to create the perfect colour blend time and time again.


So what sets our luxury hair extensions apart from any other Hair Extensions? Here is everything you need to know:

1 gram strands
Double Drawn hair
Russian-Mongolian Remy Human Hair Extensions
Top quality Italian Keratin used for Bonds
Packed in bundles of 25 strands
Lasts up to 1 year

The combination of 1 gram weighted strands with double drawn hair gives amazing fullness from root to tip, helping to create that special look every time. All our luxury Russian hair extensions are sourced from the finest hair markets ensuring premium quality raw hair is used for all our luxury hair ranges. This ultimately ensures our hair is second to none in the luxury hair extension market place worldwide.

Our Tips

We use the best Italian Keratin available on the market for our Pre Bonded Flat Tips. Our extension bonds will not shed, will not go soft and mushy and will not slide, proving their cared for correctly of course. And best of all, our Italian Keratin is suited to all hair types, even oily hair.

Attention to detail

All the hair selected for our ranges is ethically sourced and gently processed. It's important to us to ensure quality control is at it's highest and our colours remain constant from batch to batch. Ever found grey hairs or loose coloured strings in amongst your human hair extensions? You wont find this with us! We put in place strict quality control processes every step of the way whilst your hair extensions are being processed. We work hard to ensure the product reaches you in optimum condition, giving you that wow factor every time.

How much hair to order

Below is a guide to the amount of hair required dependent on the final look you require and the density of your natural hair

Volume only: 50 grams (2 packs)
Volume and Length fine hair: 100 grams (4 packs)
Volume and Length Medium density hair: 150 grams (6 packs)
Volume and Length thick hair (or for a glamorous look): 200 grams (8 packs)

Please note the above quantities are a guide only and based on the quantities used in our salon.

Fabulous hair, all of the time. Achieve the look you've always wanted instantly. Once tried you're likely to be a fan for life! You can totally trust Lucy!


Please note you can mix colours as you wish.

Prices include Fitting, Cutting & Styling.

Please wash your hair twice and dry your hair thoroughly before arriving at the salon. DO NOT use any conditioner or products on the hair and DO NOT straighten or curl the hair prior to your appointment.

25g (25 pieces), allow 30 minutes, £80.50

50g (50 pieces), allow 45 minutes, £137 - Quarter Head

75g (75 pieces), allow 1 hour, £194

100g (100 pieces), allow 1 hour 15 minutes, £250 - Half Head

125g (125 pieces), allow 1 hour 30 minutes, £310

150g (150 pieces), allow 1 hour 45 minutes, £363 - Three Quarter Head

175g (175 pieces), allow 2 hours, £419.50

200g (200 pieces), allow 2 hours 15 minutes, £440 - Full Head

Removal and rotations are charged at £19 per 15 minutes + any new pieces at £1.50 per gram/piece. Re-tipping of hair is available at 0.30p per piece.



  • Allergies
  • Sensitive Scalp
  • Hair Loss
  • Recent pregnancy or recent breastfeeding
  • Under 16
  • Upcoming travel
  • Hat/helmut wearing
  • Swimming or similar which requires frequent washing of hair
  • A desire to colour the hair
  • Unable to put considerable effort into looking after the hair
  • Natural hair under 4 inches - the natural hair will be unable to support the weight of an extension
  • Requesting a finished hair length that is double the natural hair length - the natural hair will be unable to support the weight of an extension
  • Natural hair is not in good enough condition to support the weight of an extension
  • If you the client is taking medications they will need to bring the names of the medications to the consultation
  • The need to fiddle or pull at hair
  • Wearing hair up more often than down

    Looking after your gorgeous Hair Extensions! Here is a simple guide of how to care for our pre-bonded human hair extensions.

    Follow this aftercare correctly and you’ll have problem free extensions and healthy looking hair that will look as good in three months as it did the day you had it fitted.

  • Regular maintenance is needed to keep the extensions at their best.
  • After your hair extensions have been applied, do not wash your hair for 2-3 days to allow the bonds to fully set.
  • Always tie your hair back in a loose braid for bed.

  • Colouring Advice

  • We advise colouring only your natural hairline section when wearing extensions, i.e. keep the colour away from the extension bonds and your extension hair.
  • We do not advise colouring our Remy hair, so if you decide to colour the hair, please note this is done so at your own risk.

  • Brushing & Combing Hair Extensions

  • Make sure you only use a hair extensions brush on or near the extensions as this will ensure that your bonds don’t snag.
  • When brushing hair extensions, it is important to hold the bonds to support them, this prevents excess tugging on the extensions.
  • When hair is wet use a wide tooth comb to comb the extensions through - you can do this when the conditioner is on if it is easier.

  • Washing and Drying Hair Extensions

  • Your extension hair should be washed at most 2-3 times per week.
  • Before washing, de-tangle the hair and separate the bonds.
  • When the extensions start growing down, the bonds need to be separated on a regular basis to prevent matting occurring at the roots.

  • Directions for washing

  • Smooth the shampoo down the hair extension hair - never rub as tangling will occur.
  • Make sure you get in amongst the bonds to scrub your scalp down.
  • Condition from the mid-lengths to the ends of the extension hair.
  • Do not apply conditioner to the bonds.
  • Wash your hair in the upright position (a shower is ideal).
  • Pat hair gently to remove excess water. Again, do not rub.
  • Be very careful when getting long hair extensions washed in a hairdressing basin as hair can gather at the bottom of the basin and tangle.

  • Directions for drying

  • When hair is damp, apply Moroccan Oil.
  • Do not leave your hair extensions to dry naturally or rough-dry your extensions.
  • Always use a Heat Protection Spray before blow-drying and applying heat.
  • Dry your extension bonds first using the cool setting on your hairdryer. Never use the hot setting as this can melt the bonds over a period of time.
  • Section your hair and blow-dry section by section using a round vent brush or extension brush.
  • Point the hairdryer to the floor to smooth the extension hair.
  • Finish with hair straighteners or for a wavy style, you can use heated rollers, tongs or other heated tools.
  • Remember to always keep the heat away from your extension bonds.

  • It is essential that you only use Sulphate Free Morcoccan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner when washing your hair as these products have been specifically designed to protect keratin bonds and our Indian and Brazilian Remy Hair. Using non-extension hair care products can significantly reduce the lifespan of your extension bonds and extension hair, causing dryness, tangling and shredding.

    Caution - Holiday Makers and Sunbed Users

    When using a sunbed, wrap your hair in a towel to protect the bonds and extension hair. Whilst on holiday, DO NOT get extension hair wet in either the sea or the pool. This can cause rapid drying of the hair and cause bonds to break down and shred. Your extension hair may dry out abroad due to the combination of different water types and the sun. So make sure you give your hair a deep treatment upon return. Discolouration is also common, especially in blonde shades where chlorine and sun-cream may turn the hair pink/peach.

    Please note wearing extensions abroad is done so at your own risk and no guarantee on hair quality or longevity will be given by Permanent Beauty Wales or our sister company The Priory Lifestyle Salon.


    Will the extensions damage my hair?

    Hair extensions will not damage your hair when fitted and removed by a qualified extensionist, It is very important that you follow the aftercare advice given during the appointment and also return back to the Lucy and the team to remove them to avoid any unnecessary damage.

    How long does my hair need to be to have hair extensions?

    Your hair will need to be around 4 inches in order for your own hair to support the weight of the new hair. The length and amount of hair that can be fitted will be based on your own hair, its condition and also its length. All this will be discussed at consultation.

    What can I expect from my new extensions?

    As your scalp adjusts to the new weight of the hair extensions, it is normal for them to feel a little heavy and uncomfortable for the first day or two, most people notice this during bedtime, this will wear off after a few days. It is sometimes the case that you may lose a few extensions, any extensions lost during the first 2 weeks will be reapplied free of charge, after that time you can book in for a maintenance appointment and they can be refitted for you at an hourly rate.


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